ACT - Social Solidarity on Stage

ACT - Social Solidarity on Stage is a learning partnership funded by the European Union with resources from the LLP program - Grundtvig action.

The project, started in 2012, provided educational opportunities for a mixed group of learners, with a focus on disadvantaged learners, and promoted active learning for older people too. Learners were supported in developing theatre sketches based on their experiences as active citizens, highlighting their issues, concerns and agency.

Euridea cooperated with CO.RE. CO.RE shows, through theatrical performance, how music and theatre can be used to offer to old people the opportunity to break the isolation where, often, they are confined in nursing homes. CO.RE activities are implemented thanks to the effort of active citizens: relatives, volunteers and caregivers. However, the old people themselves find again an active role in society, sharing memories and history, or directly contributing to improving the condition of other disadvantaged or less fortunate groups.

The project was funded as Grundtvig Learning Partnership by Agenzia Nazionale LLP Italia and was selected as a "Star project" by the UK National Agency.