The objective of the project was mainly to meet a trainig need deterined by law: to get the "third ear" label, the manager of the agritourism firm must attend a specialized training course, according to DPGR 3 august 2004, n. 46/R, implementation regulation of regional law 23 June 2003, n. 30.

Therefore, the project offered a training course compliant to that established by law and contained in the regional professional profiles repository as "Formazione obbligatoria per operatore agrituristico - mandatory training for agritourism operator". However, the project took the liberty to put special emphasis on three themes: development of networks among operators and between those and other relevant actors in local economic, social and institutional context; exploitation of local environmental and cultural - in a road meaning - resources; sustainable tourism.

The project was funded by Circondario Empolese Valdelsa with ESF resources.