Alveare 03

The project main purpose was to promote research and experimenting of innovative theatre and dance production processes resulting from the original employ of new digital and multimedial communication languages. The project aimed also at promoting the establishment of innovative interactions and exchanges on this subject between authors and artists coming from different artistic disciplines and experiences in three selected south-European countries. The research, experimenting and exchange should concerned especially the so called 'digital stage new approach' that is to say anything regarding the creation of sound and visual installation via software for the stage (computer live music on stage in direct relation with acting, realisation of scenography through direct projection systems via software, creation of live images through operators of computer graphics working on stage, or live video-editing)

The project was implemented by TPO - Teatro di Piazza o D'Occasione (IT), that benefited from a grant from the Europena Commision in the Framework of the Culture 2000 program, Creactividad (ES), Collectif Skalen (FR). Euridea wrote the project and assisted TPO in the implementation.