Empathy and the art of life

Social peace is crucial for society's progress. However, physical as well as psychological violence occurs and prevents the free development of talents and human resources.

This Grundtvig learning partnership brought together five organisations from Eastern and Western Europe, all of them committed to empowering disadvantaged learners and parents to strengthen social and civic competences, humanistic values, empathy and self-esteem through methods of empathic communication.

According to partner's expertise the partnership focused on communication in gender relations, within families, in terms of (un)employment and referring to the internet and social media.

The partnership aimed at supporting learners in developing communication exercises based on their experiences and in transforming them in empathic and peaceful interactions. They achieved this in groups at local level and during the transnational project meetings.

The exercises provided the basis for guidelines on empathic communication as a tool in European Adult Education. Local and transnational activities were documented in a project website.

Professional trainers facilitated and evaluated these processes, exchanged methods and ensured broad dissemination.

Partner of the project were Centre social la Garde (FR), Fondazione Franceschi Onlus (IT), Fundacja Euro Edukacja (PL), Lila Offensive e.V. / Projekt Frauenkreise (DE), Wellfield Education (UK). Euridea took part as consultant for Fondazione Franceschi.