MAPPED - Method for Advanced Professional and Personal ePortfolio Development

Mapped was a project funded by the European Union in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP). More specifically, MAPPED was given funds through Leonardo da Vinci, which is the strand of LLP that deals with vocational training. Between the different types of actions envisaged by Leonardo, the "Transfer of Innovation" measure was selected as the more fit to the nature and aims of MAPPED. In fact, MAPPED is based on a previous innovative project (MOSEP and aims at transferring its innovative results to different territorial and sectoral contexts. See the "Links and documents" page if you want more information about LLP and Leonardo.

The aim of the MAPPED Project was to equip life-long adult learners with a useful learning materials to support their professional development with ePortfolio. The project answers to the lack of scaffolding methods for adults pursuing non-formal learning, participating in trainings (eg. within European Structural Funds). ePortfolio can be their method to manage, plan and present their achievements and map their competences achieved outside formal educational systems. It can enhance their performance on the labor market and increase their employability.

National VET systems are too often lacking the procedures to support lifelong learners. Variety of learning options are not reflected by the variety of accreditation strategies. ePortfolio as a method supporting professional and personal development can enhance learners' performance and learning. It is a cross-disciplinary approach that can prove useful in various educational contexts.

MAPPED exploited Web 2.0 technologies to support communication, reflection and interaction and, in the result, competence improvement. ePortfolio is a good measure to enhance digital literacy of adults with purposeful on-line activity.

MAPPED transferred innovation to different geographical and sectoral area. The objective was to adapt wiki-based training materials originally targeted at professional trainers to the needs and requirements of adult learners. Materials were designed as self-learning on-line course developed on Moodle e-learning platform. The course was accompanied by learners' manual. The project started in November 2010 and ended in October 2012. Project focused on redesigning and localising e-learning course for individual learners. The course is accessible through open platform but it is also downloadable by institutions willing to support their learners. The idea is to give learners high quality support and means to enhance their development and offer possibility to make their achievements gained outside formal education transparent, measurable and comparable.

The course introduces ePortfolio as a tool and process to support personal and professional development, especially with the view to lifelong learning. In the validation phase learners will develop their individual ePortfolios to map their learning making use of the MAPPED e-learning course, verifying its usability.

MAPPED is a result of MOSEP LDV Project (2006-2008) and is coordinated by one of its participants: Polish AGH-University of Science and Technology, represented by Centre of e-Learning. Three partners represent Czech Republic, Turkey and Italy and have all different but significant experience in human resources development supportive actions, competence development and adult training. Partners have all experience in project's participation and are interested in sustaining the project as a part of their training offer. The project is implemented in the countries where ePortfolio is not recognized yet and therefore has a huge potential to transform VET systems.