Musinc - Music and Social Inclusion

The Musinc partnership brought together a range of organisations from differing vocational training and adult education settings to develop a pan European understanding of the job role "community musician" and provide training materials and opportunities for professional development. The job title does not exist in some partner countries and there are no consistent professional community music practices or quality standards across the partnership, although some of the work undertaken by all of the partners can be described as such.

Three key ideas run through Musinc programme:

The intellectual outputs of Musinc partnership ensured a shared understanding of the professional role i.e. description of skills, competencies, knowledge that a "community musician" must possess and an open resource centre that demonstrates and instructs best practice in the field of community music that will be applicable across and beyond the partnership. Through it we developed a shared meaning of the work role and strengthen training paths for potential community musicians.

The partners of Musinc represented a broad sweep of the EU, encompassing east-west-north-south, so that the cross cultural comparisons can be more representative and therefore be seen to have validity beyond the life of the project.