The project supported the municipalities' objective of improving quality in agritoursim services in the Florentine Mountian area. This means both improving pure hospitality services and enabling enterprises to make use of cultural and natural resources to promotethe business and encourage in season and out of season tourism, and also the permanence of tourists in the territory around the enterprise. The ultiamte goal is to develop a sustainable tourism model in the area.

To this end the project will train participants to improve the organization and management of their firms, and to include hisorical, cultural, landscape and gastronomical attractions of the territory in the promotion of their business and in the activities offered.

The curriculum complies with that established by law about classification of agritorusim facilities. A particular emphasis was given to creation of networks of enterprises and on concepts and practices of cultural and sustainable tourism.

The project was funded by Provincia di Firenze with ESF resources.