TESST - Traditional European Songs Singing Together

TESST (Traditional European Songs Singing Together) was a Grundtvig Learning Partnership.

This Partnership's aim was to help persons, mostly more than fifty years old, to be involved in the cultural life of the community, by participating in an European choir for traditional songs about the main moments of social life or national symbols.

TESST Project was a contribution to informal and non-formal education and personal development of these adult learners. The main objective of the project was supporting the people ageing in area characterized by economic recession to avoid the risk of social exclusion by developing new artistic skills through exchange of good practices and enriching the repertoire of local choirs. The project offeredto these adult learners the possibility of key competencies' achievement as: cultural awareness and expression, digital competencies, communication in foreign languages.

In each visit the conductor and four members of each partner choir learned: four songs from the host choir's repertoire and one song from each guest choir's repertoire. Each visit will be concluded by a concert of host choir including visiting members. At home, the conductor and visiting members of each partner local choir shared this experience with the other members.

TESST Project was supported by an internet platform which will help exchange ideas and materials or share experiences, such as rehearsals and performances.