RPIA TIT - Technological innovation in Tuscany

The Programme aimed to stimulate the dissemination process of technological development within the regional economy through the creation of co-operation networks among businesses, research centres and universities, local public institutions, centres for technological innovation and transfer, business advisory services, training centres and financial organisations.

These co-operation networks promoted the integration of scientific, technological and industrial skills in the more developed areas of the region with the resources present in the areas that benefited from the ERDF financing (Objective 2 and transitory support) so as to elaborate on and explore exemplary and reproducible innovation dissemination methodologies, which were subsequently utilised in the management of the Objective 2 Programme.

The Programme contained four types of action aimed at taking advantage of the regional strengths and dealing with the weakness of the regional economy that came to light during the RITTS and RIS+ Toscana projects, to which a complementary measure for the modelling and exploitation of results was added. The Programme was the tool for experimenting in Tuscany new methodologies of intervention of the regional government in the field of innovation and for designing an innovative system, coherent with the results of RITTS and RIS+ TOSCANA projects.

TIT was a Regional Programme of Innovative Actions developed by Regione Toscana with the assistence of Euridea, and funded by ERDF