Turkish delights - an EU modular training program for students (future) entrepreneurs and employees in regional tourism

The Project empowers (future) entrepreneurs, employees and students in regional tourism in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to obtain a job or business in the dynamic tourism area. This empowerment will be done by developing a regional tourism modular innovative self-learning training program in English, Turkish, Italian, Latvian, Spanish and Dutch. It will be based on a 'Needs Analysis' and the EU LdV Project AMBER.

The following modules will be prepared within this project:

Skills and competence development of students and adults in the labor market will be provided by developing and adapting the modules in the Turkish Delights project. The modules will also raise the competence levels of groups at risk in regional areas. The modular program stimulates the creation of new jobs and new competencies. It contributes to the equality of men and women. After studying the modules learners are expected to be better skilled employees and employers in regional tourism. They will be aware of new regional tourism challenges and will learn how to start and continue the different kind of regional tourism activities.

More at http://www.pau.edu.tr/turkishdelight/en